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A little about me.....

   I first picked up a camera in the 10th grade. I was amazed that I could capture a moment in time and print it on a piece of paper to be viewed forever. I was always in the darkroom experimenting with different ways I could manipulate an image. I was very competitive in high school and entered every photo contest that was available. I attended a very prestigious private school. While all of my classmates were studying to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers I was in the darkroom printing pictures. I was the only student from my school that to wanted to make a career in photography. 
   I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I intended to live and work in Los Angeles but got homesick for the islands. L.A. is a great place to live if it wasn't for the smog, traffic, crime, chlorinated water, and occasional earthquake. I missed my family, friends, food, and the weather of the islands. I've been here ever since. 
   Back in the 90's I produced and photographed a series of very popular, local swimsuit, lingerie, and nude calendars called "Island Classics, the Women of Hawaii". I did this for eight years. I still have a few copies for sale if you're interested. 
   I don't do the calendars anymore because it's too much work and they have a limited shelf life. I'm working on a new project. It features the beautiful women of Hawaii.  I use both a still and video camera to photograph my models. The video features an interview of the model and footage from the photo session.  
   I'm always looking for new models to photograph. Please send me your picture and description. If I select you I can give you a cd of the photo shoot or pay you $100+ an hour. I offer for sale videos of these interesting and sexy photo sessions to members of my fan club. Please email me if you're interested in purchasing these videos and being in my fan club.  
   I want my images to be creative and spark a reaction. To speak to the viewer and create an emotion. I have a keen eye for detail, color, and composition.
   I'm very easy to work with. I listen to what my customer wants before I tell them that they're wrong (just kinding:). I want to make sure that I can translate his or her ideas to film. Communication is very important. I also provide fast service so that my customers don't have to wait long for the results. I always try hard to make sure that my customers receive the best service. 
   For a free quote please go to the "contact me" area of this website and fill in the form. You can also email me directly at : 
   Thanks.  Colin. 

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